Sponsored Events

IPEVO is a committed sponsor of EdCamp and other education tech-centric events.

Sponsored Events

23 events sponsored for year 2020, 966 events sponsored in total

How It All Began

IPEVO makes technology for educators, and we're committed to sharing the word about the positive impact technology can have in the classroom. So, when we first heard about EdCamp and its innovative "unconference" approach to continuing the ed tech conversation, we had to get involved! We think that EdCamp is a great way to brainstorm, innovate and share what's working when it comes to education!

Sponsorship Application

We've been a sponsor of several EdCamp unconferences and other education tech-centric events. If you are hosting or working on an education tech-centric event, or something similar, you can submit a sponsorship request today by clicking on the “Sponsorship Application” form below and tell us how we can share the honor and be a part of the event.

If your sponsorship request has been approved by IPEVO, you may use the IPEVO Logos (which can be downloaded ) provided that you comply with IPEVO’s . The IPEVO Logos may only be used for events sponsored by IPEVO and not for any other purposes.

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